Commissions and Custom Projects

For bespoke wargames scenery, please contact us with your requirements via or our Enquiries form in the Contact section. Please find a selection of images from previous custom orders below.

Previous Commissions


Four 20mm scale vineyards. Each measures 10" square, with a narrow track running down the centre.

6mm Bocage Roads

This commission was for 20ft of 6mm scale roads and bocage-style hedgerows.

Winter Fields

20mm scale snowy fields designed and built for a customer's Ardennes table. 

6mm French Village

This is just one board that formed part of a large French village (loosely based on Villers Bocage) that I built for a customer who plays in 6mm scale.

Paddy Fields

28mm scale paddy field - specifically designed to allow a 28mm figure on a 25mm wide base to fit between the rows of rice plants.

28mm Hop Field

28mm Hop Field built as a custom order.